Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of the Express Laundromats accept credit/debit cards?

Yes! The Highland, New Windsor, Vails Gate, and Walden locations of Express Laundromat accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Why did my clothes come out of the washer still dry?

If you take your clothes out of the washing machine and they are still dry, this means that there are too many clothes in the washer. The solution to this would be to use a bigger machine, or use multiple machines.

Please note: The weight capacity of each washing machine is while materials are wet.

How long will it take to do my laundry?

We get that your time is precious! Here at Express Laundromats most of our customers can wash and dry their laundry in under an hour.

What happens when the STOP button is pushed?

The STOP button is for emergencies ONLY! If it is pressed, the washing machine will stop immediately. To restart the machine, the full amount must be inserted into the machine again. 

Why won't the machine accept quarters?

In order for the machine to accept quarters, it must be loaded with the door shut and 1 of the 4 cycles must be selected.

What can I do if I need assistance?

If you need assistance at anytime, please call (845) 283-5008. Or if you'd like, fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Using the Washers and Dryers

How to Use the Washing Machines:

 To operate the washing machines, you must follow the steps:

​(1) Load the washing machine.

​(2) Close the door and​ select a cycle​:

          1 - Superwash        3 - Hot

​          2 - Warm                 4 - Cold

​(3) Add the Detergent/Bleach/Soap into the appropriate box.

(4) Insert coins or swipe Credit/Debit Card on enabled machines.

How to Use the Dryers:

To operate the dryers, you must follow the steps:

​(1) Load the dryer.

​(2) Close the door and select a dryer temperature:

          1 - Hot                3 - Cool
​          2 - Medium        4 - Air

​(3) Insert coins for the appropriate dryer pocket.

          *Additional quarters may be added at anytime before the time has run out to add additional time.

          *If time runs out, the full amount must be inserted to restart the dryer.